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I am fortunate to be able to act on my ideas and I have worked hard to get to a place where I can do this. This is what makes me an entrepreneur. In my mind, with that ability comes a certain responsibility to the world. I have been happy to assist worthy people and organizations over the years and always feel blessed when another opportunity to engage comes to me from the universe. Sometimes this is a simple as sharing knowledge and sometimes it is more. This is where I want to share my thoughts about life, business, the universe, or whatever else feels important, with you.


What if currency changed periodically?
Instead of money we measured peoples worth in a variety other ways.


We are faced hundreds of times a day with decisions – some big, some small. And we all know the difference from right and wrong.


Being willing to fall flat on your face in failure really shows one’s character

Fuel or Deplete

Who’s contributing to your happiness and wellbeing and who depletes your energy?