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What if currency changed periodically? Instead of money we measured peoples worth in a variety other ways.

People so frequently judge others by how much money they have (or don’t have). Have you ever seen someone of lesser means be somewhat intimidated by a relatively well off person? It may have been an interaction in a restaurant when the patron clearly has greater “means” than the server. The hierarchy is palpable. You can sense the diner’s expectation to be catered to. While the servers can be expressing a need to please, perhaps resentment or jealousy and sometimes even down right hostility.
Now what if for one week the currency changed to one’s ability to show kindness. If kindness were a measurable commodity how rich would everyone be? The kinder the person the richer they are. Self centered people that are usually most likely to be concerned only with themselves would find that they are experiencing intense poverty. While someone genuinely kind-hearted person would be experience great affluence.
And the following week would be measured by healthy life style. Those eating well, exercising and generally taking care of themselves would be viewed as wealthy. While those winding their way through McDonald’s drive thru on the way home from the bar may be experiencing incredible poverty.

How about loyalty, education, mind-body awareness and creativity? The possibilities are endless.

We are all rich in our own way. Let’s not give so much credence to money wealth.