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Beach Crescent

In every project that I have done there is a common aspect, that the following elements are present in each &a every one; water (represented by glass), metal, earth (usually in the form of concrete) & wood.
Having these elements together creates a harmonious environment.

lightness + brightness

There were some restrictions with this project. The new carpet and paint were not chosen by me and it wouldn’t have been my first choice. To save on the budget I decided to work with these elements. There is an undertone of taupe in the paint – a colour I’m not very fond of. To downplay this I chose mostly neutrals with a whisper of colour to distract from the taupe. The dining chairs were made with a rugged metal frames and pale blue colour. The lightness & brightness along with the view from this condo helped also. The concrete fireplace is a great feature.


My work is such an important part of my day and life. As well as running my companies, I also take on solo interior design projects. From brainstorming with other designers to pulling together finishes and fixtures for a project, I love every part of the design process.