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About Patti Houston

The things I love: my family, my friends, living in Vancouver, real estate (buying, selling, home staging and interior design) and my career.

My son recently created an interesting new word: FERK. When you combine FUN and WORK, you get FERK. And that has been my experience. I have been so blessed to be creatively stimulated in my career.

My experience in visual presentation, merchandising and store design created a natural beginning to my current Flüff world.

Not many years ago, the term "home staging" was nowhere in the general public's vocabulary. Preparing your home for the real estate market seemed unheard of. Today, it is common practice to have your home staged before listing it. There is often a need "to borrow" furniture, art and accessories to create that designer look.

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Fluff Designs and Decor

Fluff Designs and Decor WebsiteThat's how Flüff Designs and Decor was created. After three expansions in a short time, the 10,000+ square foot warehouse is now home to a vast selection to assist home owners, realtors, photographers, film industry professionals, and anyone in need of renting contemporary home furnishings. I, along with my team of creative designers, am here to help.

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Fluff Designs and Decor

Bandit Decor Pillows and Accessories

After working on numerous projects, I found that the quickest and easiest way to get a new look is to add decorative pillows and other soft goods. However, sourcing exactly what I wanted was a challenge, and so Bandit Designs was formed. Each season we put together an entire collection to enhance our current "looks," including pillows accessorized with contrasting bands, headboards and table linens.

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Fluff for Keeps

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Flüff for Keeps was born out of our clients' desire to have their home acquire that Flüff look but this time for keeps. When people see their staged home for the first time, their response is always, "Why didn't we do this for ourselves?" Our reply? "You can!" A visit to the showroom adjacent to our warehouse is where it all begins. We gently walk our clients through the process to create their new home.

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Our Vacation Homes

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Every part of my "Ferk" world involves creating spaces into pleasing, harmonious and desirable homes. My husband I and have created such spaces in our Whistler homes. When we aren't busy with friends and family in Vancouver, we love to spend time at Our Vacation Homes.

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